Rosemary-Garlic Baguette         
-  T h e   I n c r e a s e,  K n e a d i n g,  &  F o r m i n g  -
Last thing at night, or in the morning, make your increase.  In a very large
mixing bowl, combine the approx. 1 1/2 C starter, 1C water, 2C non-fat milk
and 2T of honey.  Add 2C Dark Rye Flour and 2C Barley Flour.  Mix until
the flour is moistened.  Set aside at cool room temp. over night or until it
bubbles.  Later, in the same bowl, mix in at least 5T chopped Garlic, 3T
minced Rosemary. Rehydrate 1 Tbls of yeast with 1 tsp. honey and 100F
1/4 cup water, mix in when frothing. Once combined, add about 5 cups of
unbleached White Flour and mix/knead that in.  Add more flour if it is too
sticky to knead.  After 3 min of kneading, add the 2 level Tbls. of Coarse
Sea Salt, a good sprinkle at a time, without over mixing so the salt stays as
a localized taste sensation.  Cut the round of dough into 4 pieces.
it into a ball, then work into a long loaf or a stumpy baguette loaf.  Place it _
 _  _  _  _  _  _  _

on the cookie sheet and repeat.  Let the loaves rise for another two to
three hours, depending on your room temperature.  The loaves spread out
quite a bit so make them narrow and tall to begin with.  When risen, preheat
the oven to 400F.  Just before going in the oven, with a very sharp knife
make three 45 degree cuts into the top of each loaf about 1/4 in. deep and
diagonally.  Put in the oven and check in 25 mins.  Remove when they are
well browned and give a nice hollow sound to your investigatory thump.  Err
on the side of over-baking them.  The moment you take them out of the
oven, give them a generous misting.  Take them off the cookie sheet and
cool on a rack.  Mist the bottoms of the loaves and turn them upright in a
few minutes to continue cooling.  In all fairness to the first loaf, let it cool for
a least one half of an hour.  Serve with generous amounts of A

O o h A n d A h h . c o m

Print, Cut, and Fold into a 3x5 card

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