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In General
The Theory of Cuisine, Installment:  One  Two  Three  Four   

A Loaf of Bread
The Sourdough Big Picture         Rustic Sourdough        Semolina Sourdough
Rosemary-Garlic Baguette        Buckwheat Olive Sourdough      Soy-n-Spelt

To Match Pinot Noir
The Theory of Pinot Noir Matching     
Portobellos &  Polenta               Mushroom Won Tons sans Soup  

To Match Sparkling Syrah                       
The Theory of Sparkling Syrah Matching

To Match a Russian Feast
The Limited Theory of Russian Cooking        The Theory of Russian Feasting          
How I met the Zaharoffs                                           

Eggplant with Garlic         Pink Potato Salad            Beet Salad          Dilled Onions   
Marinated Smoked Salmon         Eggplant Caviar          Carrot Salad    
Fresh Pickles         Sour Cabbage            Fish with Pomegranate and WalnutSauce
Marinated Mushrooms       Cod in Dill Marinade        Marinated Red Bell Peppers

To Match Nothing in Particular                               
Radish & Horseradish Granite       

- To Match Some of Our other Favorites -
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To Match Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc
Avocado Scooping

To Match Gewürztraminer
Dill Seed Slaw

To Match Sparkling Wine
Mango Goo
To Match Petite Sirah
-Under Construction-

To Match Zinfandel
-Under Construction-

The recipe to make everyone like vegetables.