Radish & Horseradish Granite
Does not match any wine... A nostril cleaning and truly refreshing inter-
mezzo for a feast
-  Serves 6-8 -- 4-5 hours of total time, 30min of prep
                    -  I n g r e d i e n t s  -
Ginger Ale - 1 twelve ounce bottle of your favorite brand
Radishes - the equivalent of 5 medium red radishes
Wasabi Powder - About a teaspoon, adjusted to taste
Horseradish - Approx 1 tsp of Beaver Brand, Extra Hot Horseradish
                          -  T o o l s  -
A CuisineArt, or equivalent, with a Standard sized Bowl
A Freezer with enough Open-Space to put in the CuisineArt Bowl
Very nice Serving Bowls or Plates
                                              o o h a n d a h h . c o m
From the kitchen of Bruce & Krassimira Rector and Ooh & Ahh Winery

                        - T h e   M e t h o d  -
Ideally 5 hrs, not less 4 before serving, Put the Ginger Ale in the Cuisine-     
Art  bowl and put it into the freezer.  When slushy and partly frozen, take      
it out of the freezer and add the whole chilled radishes that have been          
cleaned of greens, but not peeled because the red skins make the color.     
Spin it with the metal blade and put it back in the freezer.  Never let this        
freeze solid so check it frequently until you learn how to catch it between      
being slush and solid.  Add Wasabi and Horseradish.  Start with 1 tsp or       
less of each.  The Horseradish adjusts the hotness level. It should have at   
least 4 freeze-&-spins before serving with all ingredients in.
                     -  T o   T h e   T a b l e  -
The last step is to put the Granite in the refrigerator to temper, and put        
the serving dishes in the freezer.  I do not garnish because I find it distrac-   
ting to the boldness of the dish, I feel the garnish should be the beautiful      
bowls or plates that you serve it on.  Don't put more than a couple of good   
spoonfuls per serving, leave them wanting more, its just intermezzo.

Print, Cut, and Fold into a 3x5 card

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