T h e   D e f i n i t i o n   o f   W i n e   P o e t r y

Wine Poetry is a type of poetry that focuses on any aspect of wine:
the soil, vines, grapes, fermentation, cellars, people at a table, and even empty glasses;
anything that connects with wine.  It is more than just mentioning wine in a poem.
In Wine Poetry, any facet of wine becomes the subject of the poem,
Wine Poetry is about any other poetic subject where
an aspect of wine is used as the driver in a metaphor.
Wine Poetry can take the form of any style of poetry, from a haiku to a sonnet.

The quality of a wine poem should stand up to the same quality standard for wine:
If it doesn't improve the moment, then it is not good... don't drink it.
And if it does improve the moment, food, and friendship...
sip it reverently, and drink it up !

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