A  Patron  of  Poetry

On June 5th 2005 we had the pleasure of participating in the sponsorship of
Vida, Vino, y Poetas
the first wine poetry festival of this moment

It was a wonderful example of our fans and patrons getting together.
The event was timeless, so here is a description of what went on, in case you missed it:

There aren't that many events that you can go to where
everybody leaves in a glow.
Vida, Vino, y Poetas - June 2005 was one of them.

There is now no doubt that Wine Poetry exists as a worthy category.
There were many wonderful poems, and some absolutely astounding ones.
To print them here is the best that we can do to convey what happened,
but magic has to be seen.  Imagining it might be all that we have
now, now that the moment has passed, but there is a readily
available solution -  we're going to do it again.

The voices, the beautiful and handsome faces, people taking a chance,
that is what made the music of magic come alive.
There was intimacy conveyed that almost made you squirm,
and instead of making one feel uncomfortable, one felt invited into a very rare place.
Why?  Because something made you know that it was trickling from the heart,
from the soul,
not from the head.

Don't let these poems stay on this screen.
Print them out and read them to your lover,
and if you don't have a lover, and you want one,
be careful to whom you read them.

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