T h e   A h h
W i n e   C l u b

This wine club is dedicated
to the advice of
Aunt Ella

who said,

“ What ever you do,
Have Fun.”

Here is the narrative on the four ways to join:

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Way  # 1

t h e
S n i f f e r

If you like to get your toe wet, before you dive in,
this level is for you.  Three bottles of wine will magically appear
just in time for Thanksgiving,
or when ever you want to give a gift.

Here's the enjoyment !
Membership + 3 bottles of wine shipped once a year.
Please come to the happenings of your choice.

Way  # 2

t h e
T a s t e r

If you love to celebrate Thanksgiving, this level is for you.
In a shipment of six bottles you will get tasty Pinot Noir
for the Table and a little Sparkling Syrah to get everybody
in the right mood before you sit down.
And it starts to get a little sweeter at this level, because a discount is available.
Here's the pleasure !
Membership + 6 bottles per year + 10% discount on these and others +
Come to our happenings!
Come and dip candles, or be in the first world championship of Horseshoe Golf, or how about...

Way  # 3

We regret that this Level of Membership is not available at this time.

t h e
M a s t e r

With the ease of opening your door, you will receive twelve bottles a year:
You can customize the shipments to your liking: Pinot du Jour, Current release Pinot Noir,
Library Selections, and Sparkling Syrah.  We ship 6 bottles in time for Thanksgiving,
and then another six before it gets too hot to ship, around the end of March or early April.
It might be enough that you could put a little away to age, if you are clever about it.
Speaking of clever, don't drink yours, come over for a luncheon and drink ours.
We would love to entertain you and yours for a long leisurely luncheon.
It is the perfection of the Wine Country lifestyle,
theoretical for most wineries, but it's quite renown at ours.
Here's the enchantment !
Membership + 12 bottles per year + 15% discount on these and others +
a special, once a year, gift-giving opportunity (which is described in the Patrons section).
Come to two of our happenings and come on over for a long lunch!
You won't forget it, and even better, you will really like it.
Lunches are always a lot of fun.

Way  # 4

We Regret that this Level of Membership is No longer available.

t h e
P a t r o n

All through history, the arts have been advanced by the grace of Patrons.
We know this, respect it, and show our thanks in an extraordinary way.
You will be...
Pleased and pampered by being our guest for a 2-night wine-country get-away.
This is not available commercially, it is only available as a thank you to our Patrons.
We get to act as your concierge while you are in the Sonoma Valley...
Go to other wineries, or just hang out and garden and cook with us,
what ever your pleasure and leisure.

In addition, at anytime during the year, we extend our special gift-giving opportunity to you and yours.
We will have delivered to the door (assuming they live in shippable states) of your friends, family, and
professional associates... 3 bottles of Ooh and/or Ahh for just $75, shipping included !
We particularly suggest you send out your Holiday gifts early for Thanksgiving.
It is a magical way that you can be at more than one table at the same time.
Why get lost under the tree?     When you can be,    a bottle of Ahh to see ?

And we would be thrilled if you and yours came to every single one of our happenings.
Here's what it's like over-the-top !
Membership + 18 bottles per year + 20% discount + always free shipping +
year-round special gift-giving opportunity + come to any of our happenings.
Then, treat you and yours to a wine country experience by coming over for dinner.
And then, because you have had a big helping of  fun, why drive home ???
Be our guest in the Villa for two nights, a beautiful guest room will comfort you,
and let you get up to wonderful, leisurely mornings.

What to Do?

Give us valid credit card numbers and telephone number and you are a member.
We need the expiration date for the card, we do NOT need the SCS #(S
ecurity Card System),
which is the 3 digit number on the back of Visa and MasterCard,
and the 4 digit number on the front of an American Express card.
( The fine print is on the
Next Page.)

- All of these Devices are Secure -
e-mail: ThisIsBruceRector@yahoo.com
P.O. Box 579, Glen Ellen, CA 95442
Phone: leave a message, we will call you back,
707 / 933-4404
Fax: 707 / 933-4402

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