T h e   P a t r o n ' s  
S c r a p b o o k

Here is a casual collection of pictures that lets you gather a feeling for
how we say thank you to our Patrons.

The North Guest Room

looking north

looking east                 

         looking south                                            looking west                                      

The South Guest Room

                                                           looking east

                                                                        Hallway, bath, and
                                                                     private entrance,
                                                                 looking south

                                                                    looking west

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M o r e
S c r a p b o o k

The Ooh and Ahh version
                  of the Food Channel

                   Eric J. Simon
                       on the mortar,
                           or is that the pestle?

          Chalon Bridges learning to use wide strokes of the brush.