The Fine Print
for the
Ahh Wine Club

This fine print tries to answer all the questions we could think of...
But as you know, new questions arise all the time.
So we have left it that the
fine print is a guide, rather than a contract.

First, and most importantly... if something is not up to your expectation
with the Wine Club, please let us know.  We can probably make it right.

Unless you are under 21 years of age, in which case, sorry.

T h e   D e - l i m i t i n g   o f   M e m b e r s h i p

We only make so much wine, because we make it in the all-hand-way.
If we start to make more wine, then the machines arrive.
And we don't want that !
there are many pleasantries of producing fine wine in the manner we use.
It imbues the wine with soulfulness and enspirits it.
And we think that if we were to grow it in some other way,
it will lessen the subtle and elusive qualities that are so hard to get.

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The number of Wine Club Members will also naturally be limited.
We don't know what people's buying patterns will be with each vintage,
but we have a pretty good guess that we will be limited to
100 people as Sniffers, 75 Tasters, 50 Masters, and 25 households as Patrons.

T h e   F o u r   W a y s   o f   J o i n i n g

The fine print for
Way  # 1  &  Way #2

t h e
S n i f f e r s

Sniffing is pretty straight forward.
You bring short or long inhalations up to your olfactory cavity, and sense.
So it makes sense there isn't much fine print to these levels of the Club.
We do charge you shipping.
We send all your wines to you at Thanksgiving time
if you are a Sniffer or a Taster.
A sales tax of 9% will be charged if applicable.
And are you a connoisseur of fun?
Then please be our guest at all of our happenings, and get your ration of riot.
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The fine print for
Way  # 3

Alas, at this time, the Masters Level is not available

t h e
M a s t e r s

Now the fun really begins at this level.
Be our guest at a members-only breaking-of-the-bread and other happenings.
This invitation is for you and one other person,
although this rule gets bent so easily, maybe it's not a rule.

Imagine yourself at one of our long leisurely luncheons.
Don't schedule anything for the afternoon.
And wear shoes that let you enjoy walks in the garden or further.
The meal is typically vegetarian, but let us know what you like, don't like,
your eating philosophy, and let us know about any allergies in your group.
We have you over to the Villa to not only say thank you,
but during the afternoon we can get to know you,
and get to know how you feel about the wines.
It is the most civilized method of market research the industry has ever known.
To make the arrangements for a luncheon, e-mail us, or
phone us and leave a message at 707.933.4404.
We are sure we can find a mutually agreeable date in the not very distant future.
Because this is to say thank you, and because we are not a restaurant,
we do extend this only to Masters, Patrons, and their guests....
are Sorry,
but it's just like real life: to get in the club house, ya gotta be in the club.

If you are in the Club, we have a special gift-giving opportunity for you.
Once a year, you can give us an address list of all the people you would like to give gifts.
If your friends, family, or business associates live in a state where we can ship wine
without silly rules (Utah has silly rules for example) then we will ship them 3 bottles
of our current releases, we will pay for the shipping, and enclose your greeting card...
all for...
This is our 'loss leader', so it is limited to 5 recipients.
The hot-set-up for this gift giving, is to do it for Thanksgiving.
That way, your presence is on the most important table of the year.
We suggest doing it this way because it's sort of like teletransportation.
Haven't you always wanted to be able to be in two places at once?

And come to 3 of our happenings.
We are adding new ones from time to time,
but the ones that are popularizing to the point of annualizing are:
The World's Horseshoe Golf Championships and the
Cinco-de-Mayo  Iron-Chef  Cook-Off
The Faux Laundry
Autumn Candle Dipping

The fine print for
Way  # 4

T h e
P a t r o n s

We regret that the Patrons Level is no longer available.

Patronage is an art-form unto itself.
Without it, artists cannot concentrate as well, and not much gets evolved.
So Krassimira and I would like to thank 25 art-practicing Patrons.

Being a Patron is the best.
Be our guest for a 2-night Sonoma Valley wine-country experience.
This is more than civilized market-research.  It includes three meals,
so we can have a chance to chat.  One of the meals with be a fancy multi-course
affair with a dip into the personal notebook (the cellar) of the winemaker.
It also includes very nice accommodations.  
See the Scrapbook.
This is not available for-hire, so both of our schedules must permit this pleasure.
Although a person can sign up for more than one Patronage,
which is a way you could bring another couple, this privilege does not transfer.
And sorry, the privilege doesn't transfer to pets either.

For our special 3-bottle gift giving opportunity, as a Patron, you have that available to you
year round, and even better, it is limited to 10 recipients, rather than 5.
Think of yourself being able to magically appear at 10 Thanksgiving tables at once !

W h a t   t o   D o ?

Send us, or call us with a valid credit card number and a convenient telephone number.
We also need the expiration date for the card, we do
not need the CSC #(Card Security Code),
which is the 3 digit number on the back of Visa and MasterCard,
and the 4 digit number on the front of an American Express card.

If you would like, you can print out the
EZ form,
fill it out and mail it to us, so we can get to know you better.

- All of these Devices are Private and Secure -


P.O. Box 579, Glen Ellen, CA 95442

Phone: leave message, we will call you back, 707 / 933-4404

Fax: 707 / 933-4402

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