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Almost the
World's First
Horseshoe Golf
The horseshoes, laying in wait, racked up, and in the ready.





Toast you,
and beam the beaming
of a really good
And as if that wasn't enough
Just to make sure there were no
boobie traps or practical jokes,
the gentleman went first.

Emily, Andy, and Bruce watch the
first pitch in what was almost the
World's First
Horseshoe Golf Tournament.

Our noble judge of the
Cinco de Mayo
Burrito Roll-Up and Cook-Off
Pat Moran,
makes the first male pitch.
Our other noble judge,
the kind and lovely Marsha Moran,
makes the first female pitch.
Here's where everything went wrong.
The host and inventor of the game takes the lead.
Come-on, this ain't legit.
So the match was called off.
The good news?  We get to have a World's First again next year...
At the top of the course, overlooking the Villa.
The Valentine's Day Russian

Saturday, February 14th 2009
Andy in the zone and toasting
holding up just fine,

and Bruce...
a little worse-for-wear
after 3 hours of toasting