V i n t a g e   M u s i n g s  -  Four

     Jim Clark, my teacher, once said, “If God did not exist, we would have invented Him.”  
So, if I may ask, please temporarily get over any allergies you might have with God.
It is just that the “G” word is a part of my story and it is what I use to
try and grasp at the ungraspable.  Try, I do.

     The graspings go like this: are we loved?  Yes!

     The love abounds and yet it is enigmatic, which is to say it is, and seemingly cannot be.
(I am pretty sure that the ignorance of this love is what has been described as original sin:
as I put it...  the belief that there is not enough love to go around, so we do progressively stranger
things to try and get our share of it.)  In fact, we are loved by a reservoir of love that will never
run out.  Period.  It will never run out.  Unless of course you are disconnected, which leads us
back to original sin.  But let us not let this grasping become circular, it’s just the lead-in.

     We are loved in the manner of the best kind of parental-love there is.  Unconditionally loved,
yet we are prodded.  The style is... dilemma.  We are prodded to develop through dilemma.

It’s not the 1st dictionary sense of the word where both thing are equally undesirable.
Certainly it is like the 2nd meaning where both things are interesting.
And what God lovingly longs for us to know is the most interesting dilemma of all:
that two things can be true at once.
Two things that sometimes, at first take, are at odds with one another,
and the mind is conditioned to kill one of them.

For example, do I guide the Pinot Noir that we make for the easiest sell,
or do I guide it toward my own sensibilities.  Sensibilities that include lower alcohol and higher
acidity that
has to be bottle aged, goes better with food, cannot be a cocktail, and is probably a
harder sell at first taste.

So if I buy into the typical American sales conditioning, only one thing can be true... I think,
maximize sales.  If that thought kills all others, then the developmental dilemma that was sent to
me with love has been ignored.  I am ig-norant.  This creates disconnect,
and at the price of being disconnected from creativity.

     Why not creatively participate in the best, and Godly, experiment ever – evolution?  Make
some one way, some the other.  See what people like, note carefully the dislikes, and strive to
deliver the other style with the same authenticity of style in the first place, but evolve it.  

     Yeah baby!  I’m lovingly out of the first dilemma and on to the next.

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