V i n t a g e   M u s i n g s

Four retirees find life's not so bad

V i n t a g e   M u s i n g s  -  One

One of the great sorrows in preparing to become a winemaker is
the preponderance of your training is in what can go wrong.
There is precious little said about what can go right.
Nothing is said directly or indirectly
about the sacred nature of
what is going on.
Then one

When I was studying to be a winemaker, I was 22 years old.  I was studying at the
University of California at Davis, and living life to the fullest,
at least I thought so at the time.
Now supposing at 22 years of age, one of my professors would have started waxing
about the sacred aspects of wine.  What would have been my tolerance level?
In the first case, I would have immediately associated sacredness with religion.
I seriously doubt that I could have teased the two apart, and that would have been
the fatal flaw right there.  At the time, I had not been introduced to the fact, if you will,
that 100% of your and my reality comes from the stories we are telling to ourselves
internally, telling to others externally, our cultures telling us stories that we accept,
or reject, and
the cosmos telling a story in the form of laying out a framework so all this can happen.

In other words, it's all in storytelling.
Science is telling a story in a certain way, Art is telling a story in a certain way,
and Religion is telling a story, unfortunately, in a certain way.
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Of all the storytelling, Religion should be the fuzziest and should leave the most to
imagination and the yearning to potentialize.
Typically this is not the case, so I went with Art.

So as a 22 year old, what would have been my chances of being able to
understand a lecture on the sacred nature of winegrowing?
Almost none.
But what I would have recognized is that this professor,
this brave professor, was revealing something for him that was very personal,
and he probably had fought hard to obtain it.  Fought because the
scientific community in which he existed, does not support, yes they condone,
but they do not support such storytelling.
Why?  Because it's not repeatable.  Another scientist in another part of the world,
cannot do a 'spiritual' experiment and come up with the same results.
It violates their first order of storytelling... stuff must be repeatable.

Now show me a winemaker that thinks that great wine is repeatable vintage after
vintage, and I will show you a young winemaker, or an old megalomaniac.

That aside, I would have recognized somebody revealing their soul,
revealing their not typically revealed campfire of storytelling.
I might not have fully accepted the content of the message,
but into my heart would have been etched the veins,
the veins necessary for the sap,
when it is time for the sap to flow.

And that's my musing.

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