T o  K n o w  U s...                                                 
the crash course

The reason Bruce and Krassimira grow wine is because it evokes.
Wine is the most evocative beverage there is... so it catches your attention,
you can study it for long periods of time without getting bored,
you can prove your pudding by growing it and making it,
and if you have talent, you can devote yourself.

By growing-up wines, our hope is to be part of great dinner tables and
to evoke a moment that has a magical quality.

We are well-seasoned hands at winegrowing.  We have done this pretty much our whole lives.
We are not rich people that got bitten by the wine-bug, and went into it late in life.
We have no employees, so we get to work with a rare combination of fun,
seriousness and a lack of distraction.

Less than 10 barrels are produced a year, made in what we call the
The only machine the grapes see is the crusher, the wine never sees a machine.

Our manner of production is traditional, impractical, and consciously enspiriting.

We devote ourselves to 1 grape variety: Pinot Noir.
( With the exception of our little diversion, Sparkling Syrah.)

Because all of our wines are de-limited to a small quantity/high quality way of doing things,
we are able to get the special rows from special côte and hillside vineyards.

We harvest from 1 Sonoma Coast vineyard, Brickhill;
and 1 Santa Maria Valley vineyard, Bien Nacido.

All of our growers are old family friends.

Each barrel is its own identity.
The identity flows from a row of vines, to the micro-fermenter/small basket press, to the
separately racked barrel, and then, each unique barrel is bottled by hand,
only if it deserves it.

We want to be of service to everyone by helping evolve wine, its lifestyle, and its insights...
we do this with a partnership of winelovers, a handful of the most interesting wine merchants,
and by always making limited quantities available to the restaurants we know and love.

We truly believe what Aunt Ella said:

Whatever you do, have fun."

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