T o   K n o w   U s

Bruce Rector and Krassimira Rector

We are living out a dream of making wines that are out of the ordinary.
We have both been enjoying wine, studying wine, and growing wines
longer than anything else we have done in our rich and interesting lives.
Our pallets are well seasoned in wine, cooking, gardening, and living the good life.

Krassi got her start in Eastern Europe and Bruce in the west of North America.
Once again, east-meets-west.
Bulgaria and California teamed up in a way that makes the good stuff.

We make our wines in a different way.
How we do this is set out in a manuscript that Bruce wrote.
The title and sub-titles are:
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Toward  Great  Wine
In the Vineyard,  In the Cellar,  and At our Table
Seven  Principles  of  Practice  with  the  Seen  and  Unseen  Worlds

We make our wine in tune with, the book, nature, our customers, and in tune with ourselves.
We have called this method 'Harmonic Winegrowing'

Please note: we use the word 'winegrowing' to describe the entire process of what goes on in
the vineyard, cellar, and at the table.  Really good wine continues to grow in all of these venues.
Although we do use the word winemaking, it is not nearly as good of a word because it implies that
we make the wine, and it is often the case that the wine makes itself when it has been harmonically attuned.

This is how Krassimira and I apply the seven principles of practice:

The essence of wine is connection
, always strive toward it with the vines and earth,
in the cellar every time you touch a barrel, and particularly,
make it happen every night at dinner.

There is no single best way to do the seven principles
, wine, like life, is a moving target,
so love it and adapt to it.  Don't avoid the fundamentals,
but avoid fundamentalism.

The process is fascinating, but ultimately the proof is in the product
, so don't get caught up
in thinking that something less than delicious is delicious because it came
from this whizz-bang new process.  Keep your eye on the prize.

Wine absorbs what is around it.
 This must be the case because wine can do things
that non-fat milk can't do.  Give something to the wine that is wonderful,
so it can give it off later.  Conduct yourself thoughtfully.

Both the server and the served evolve wine, with the help of soul and spirit
, our job
is to listen, as much or more than our job is to talk.  Evolution
sort of organizes the moving target of life and relationship.

Wine quality and enjoyment increases with systematic self-examination.
 The art is to find
some system that helps you see all the internal and external factors that
lead to wine quality.  Avoid believing your own bull shit.

Truly connective wine alludes to a complete life-cycle and harmonizes it
, so make sure
as the wine grows, that the components of birth, accommodation, and
decay are present to make it as rich of a wine as the story of life.

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