the   T h e o r y   of   C u i s i n e

What’s nice about wine-matched cuisine is it tends to get served in courses,
so there is more time for relaxed dining
and connecting with the ones you love, and haven’t seen for most of the day.

That connection is the soothing delight for a day that may have had its difficulties.

This 'connection-culture' is the culture of wine.
I have often thought that the reported health benefits of wine are really about such a culture.

When a wine bottle is opened, no matter the brand or price tag, the table is truly set.

That properly set table attracts people
(retiring into one’s room with a TV dinner on a TV tray is not as likely).

And once at the table, the meal proceeds along at a slower, more thoughtful pace.
So maybe it’s this slower pace that is equally responsible for the real health benefits.

Maybe it is the case that the health benefits of antioxidants, anthocyannins, and
moderate amounts of ethanol cannot be teased apart from the culture of wine.
Maybe yes and maybe no, and in a sense, who cares what the answer is.

In a very real sense,
M.F.K. Fisher had it all summed up when she wrote,
“. . . with good friends . . . and good food on board, and good wine in the pitcher,
we may well ask,
when shall we live if not now?”

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