Avocado Scooping
A better, simpler, 1st course is hard to find

-  I n g r e d i e n t s  -

Avocados - 1/2 avocado per person, if small, then one per person

-  T o o l s  -

A kitchen knife for cutting, and a spoon at the table for scooping.

-  T h e   B i g   P i c t u r e   &   M e t h o d  -

Given the simplicity of this course, I find it amazing how long it took us to perfect it.
It was actually perfected by Bill Doty, not us.
Bill is a great attorney that practices in Santa Rosa.  We both do rock work in
our gardens, so he came over to see what I've been up to.
So for a little first course, Krassi and I started fussing over avocados.
We got out our latest specialized slicing tool that they only sell to suckers,
and it broke!
Bill took pity (pitty) on us.
He suggested that all we do is cut the avocado in half,
then taking the half that retained the pit, sink the kitchen knife into it with one firm move, twist
the pit, and remove it.
Thank you Bill!
The most complicated part of this dish is catching the right ripeness of the avocado.
You actually don't want the perfectly ripe avocado, you want it one day before that.

-  T o   T h e   T a b l e  -

Put the avocados on simple plates and supply a spoon.  And that's it!!!
As counter-intuitive as it may seem,
don't use any salt,
or lemon, or hot sauce, or anything...
it just screws up the wine match.
Do supply an archetypal California Chardonnay,
that big buttery kind that isn't bashful with the oak either.
We must have served this 40 times since Bill's help,
and I am always amazed how-good-it-is.

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