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    U is for an Un-solicited Review of 2003 Bien Nacido, Barrel #1 of 4.

Hi Bruce;

The "Ahh" Bien Nacido vineyard Pinot Noir from Santa Maria is a wine that I enjoy
because it has a fresh, real strawberry nose, and with a little glass time it develops into one
that develops accompanying aromas of  a warm Kaolin clay complexity, and wild strawberry.

The wine has  a body that quickly builds from wild strawberries, towards an intensity of
cherry... a cherry Kirsch like quality without the alcohol hit.  The "zing"; that is in the lively
acidic ending,  gives the wine a certain length that I like at times, as it is resonating in a way
that cleanses the palate, and hearkens back to the cherry tannins.  At other times, I find that
this acidity/tannin dynamic, creates an angularity that sits less comfortably, where it tends to
compete for attention, as often does the dissonance of a certain great instrument in great
song, or great jazz piece, that creates a certain tension or drama.  So, I admit, it is this
dynamic that I find adds a soulful, likeable originality, and one that gives this wine such a
great voice.  Mind you, it is a voice that I have not learned to totally understand.... perhaps
this is good?

Bruce, the great things in life need mystery, and maturity to understand, and I have been
lucky enough to know that much that you touch and create has these elements, so I thank
you for this. It has been wonderful to be touched by your vision, and action.  I look forward
to slowing down and spending more time with you.

Thank you for sharing your wines with me.

Take care,

Tom Meadowcroft, Winegrower
Magito Wines   -  707 567-1521

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