T h e   N e w   L e t t e r s

Newer Letters:

Q is for The Qualities of Wine

W is for It's Your Turn to Be the Winemaker

C is for Cinco de Mayo
Results for last year...
Come to the party ( Saturday, May 3rd 2014 )

W is for the World's First Horseshoe Golf Championship
The History and 2012

B is for Bruce's 60th Birthday Party

B is for the Blessing of the Fermenters

F is for the Faux Laundry

M is for first Menu for the Faux Laundry

Older Letters:

R is for Russian Feast

N is for our New Wine Club

U is for an Unsolicited Review of the 2003 Bien Nacido, Barrel #1 of 4

A is for the Article that Dan Berger wrote

V is for Valentine's Day

C is for the Candle Dipping

T is also for Tasting Notes- Bien Nacido Vineyard Barrels #2, #3, & #4 of 4

S is for the Solstice Harvest Review

T is for Thanksgiving, an early start on 2007 planning

P is for the Pick of 2006

E is for the Earthquake

B is for Dan Berger, the wine journalist, our evening together

V is for the Vineyard we are planting

T is for the Wine Club Tasting we had