T h e   N e w   L e t t e r   i s . . .


N is for our New Wine Club

Guilty as charged, your Honor!
Yes, we agree that the first Wine Club we designed was just a little too complicated,
so we have re-designed our Club such that it is in the club of other wine clubs.  

There are now 4 levels:  Sniffers, Tasters, Masters, and Patrons.
Here is a little chart that summarizes what we offer —

Sniffers           Tasters             Masters           Patrons

Total # of Bottles annually       3 bottles          6 bottles           12 bottles      18 bottles or +

# of Shippings / year                1 time             2 times              3 times            4 times      

% Discount from Retail              0 %               10 %                15 %            20% or more

Shipping Included                     sorry       not generally        generally          yes, for now  

Special Gift Giving Available       sorry         sometimes         twice/year        anytime       

Invitations to Happenings          once              twice                thrice            anytime     

Luncheon at our Villa                nope              sorry                 yes!              of course  

Dinner and Overnights             nope              nope                 sorry              Yes !!!    
in the Villa                                                                                                   

You will enjoy our 2004 vintage of exceptional Pinot Noirs and the sparkling Syrah.
Now the shipments are discounted from the retail price 10%, 15%, or 20% and more,
depending on the level of membership.  The shipments are rarely over 99 dollars for the three
bottles.  And if you like discounts and doing the math, check this out.

Because we bottle in liters, to get to the 750ml price equivalent,
you multiply our retail price by 0.75  —
For example...  our $30 bottle is the equivalent of $22.50
and our $46 bottle is like paying $34.50 per 750ml.
Put the 20% discount on top of that, and our Patrons will be paying $27.60/750ml
for our 1 liter bottle of Bien Nacido Pinot Noir, delivered to your door.
Now it’s hard to find a quarrel with that!

So if you want to know where our wines are available,
it's at your doorstep.

And to make that process easier, everything is now set up on an automatic shipment basis,
so we don’t have to ask so many questions of what you want and when you want it.
However!  If you do have a preference for Pinot or Sparkling,
or one vineyard over the other, or one vintage over the other,
we can serve that preference if you just drop us that little note.

And yes, we have completely joined the crowd, we only take credit cards (we take them all).

We love it if you have an e-mail address so we can let you know when they are on their way.

Shipping is 1, 2, 3, and 4 times a year, depending on the level.
We only ship when it is cool enough, fall to mid-spring,
with particular emphasis on Thanksgiving and Valentines Day.

Shipping is included on any purchase over your club-level amount,
and always included for the Patrons.

We also have a Special Gift Giving opportunity for the Masters and Patrons.
We will ship to your friends and business associates,
3 bottles of wine for $75 delivered !
( assuming they live in shippable states )
The savings on the shipping can be up to $16 dollars.
It is a great time to do this at Thanksgiving, such that your
thoughtfulness will not get lost in the Holiday crush.
It is a magical way to be at more than one Thanksgiving table.
And it’s always a good feeling to know that you have remembered
the important people in your life.

And if you are still in the process of deciding, please know,
we take our Wine Club Members over-the-top.
Particularly compared to most other wine clubs,
you will never have that
herd-‘em-in-and-herd-‘em-out feeling.
Patrons really get a superlative time.
However, if you want to join at the Masters level,
when you come for lunch, we promise to have you home by dark.

There are many Happenings of several types, one will suit you to a T...
from home-cooked multi-course sit-down dinners to Pinot & Pizza parties.
We have Candle Dipping in the Autumn so you can take home a year’s supply of
beautiful tapers the can coax a romantic dinner out of anybody.
And yes, being an All-American winery, we even have a sporting event...
Horseshoe Golf !
Come and compete in the first World Championship here in Glen Ellen.
And hey ! if that doesn’t do it, maybe you want to start the Pinotcoastal Church with us.
We are apparently here to have fun...

So we look forward to the good news that you will become a member.

With all fondness,                            
Bruce & Krassimira Rector

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