T h e   2010  R e v i e w

If you weren't at this happening, you missed some really good food.  Everything that was
created had a Wow Factor that was something else.  Every single dish, if served on its own
would have commanded many oohs and ahhs, the problem was that pesky competition.  There
were just too many great chefs in the same place.  But if you are on the eating end, what is
there not to like?  Now don't let this impressive line-up scare you away from entering next
year.  Our Ultimate Iron-Chef proved that the third time is the charm.  But here's a tip...  
given that the Mexicans have won five years in a row, notice that the French Chefs rolled their
crepes to create the effect of the camouflaged burrito in hopes of fooling the crowd into that
burrito satisfaction state.  It didn't work, but you have to admire their unflagging effort.

                                                                    Here it is, the two winners from last year.
                                                                    On your left, Russ Ries the Ultimate who
                                                                    created a Shrimpy Grande, and below...

                                                                    Andy Zaharoff going over-the-top with a
                                                                    black truffle Cassoulet Crepe.

                                                                          Going high was Dale's hibiscus treat

Black truffles, Caviar, like I said,
What is there not to like?
William did it up just the way we like !

                                                                  Marsha's great guacamole plus plus

                  And a sweet 'big apple' ending was provided by Marty

We apologize for not having all of the dishes pictured, but you know, the food was just too      
             exciting and the O
OH was effervescing, and a few great ones just got away.

T h e   N e w   L e t t e r   i s . . .

C is for Cinco de Mayo.

                                              Scroll down for the History
                                                                  and Current Winners

Hey Wine Club Members...
It's happening at Noon, May 3
rd, Saturday, 2014,
it's a
Delicious Battle !

Wine Club Members, make this date of
May 3rd, Saturday, 2014
for the
Cinco de Mayo Re-enactment
to be held in conjunction with the

World's Seventh  -  Horseshoe Golf  -  Championship !

( See New Letter, W )

But back to Cinco de Mayo...
In an effort to re-invent war into a civilized pastime,
don't miss the
most culturally correct conflict ever conceived.

We will elevate the re-enactment of the May 5th 1862, battle near Puebla Mexico...
when 4,000 Mexicans defended themselves from 8,000 Frenchmen.

Come cook or eat-judge-and-be-marry, or do both during the

The Iron Chef Cook-Off
French Cuisine  -v-  Mexican Cuisine

There has been a Change in the rules of engagement.
It is no longer just Crepes vs. Burritos,
now it's anything French against anything Mexican.

( I think we are plowing new ground here. )

The day goes like this:
Iron Chefs in the two categories, French and Mexican will compete among themselves.
All French Iron-Chefs will make their entries starting at 12:30.
This year will be the same, in that everyone present will be a judge.
Therefore, each chef will have to make enough of their dish such that
they can be cut into small bites and the crowd of around 20 to 30 can make
their judgement.  We will use the time-tested method of the clap-o-meter to determine
the winners.  After the French chefs go and one chef is chosen the winner, then the Mexican
chefs go and one is chosen as the Mexican Iron-Chef.

Then in Kitchen Stadium, the French and Mexican Iron-Chefs will square off...

But we get to enjoy this 'conflict' in the most civilized way, by all being fed.
Far better than being there on that fateful day, one hundred and fiftyish years ago.

The crowd claps to reveal their findings...
then, and only then, we will know the name of the

Cinco de Mayo Iron-Chef for 2014 !

The reigning chef will soak up wonderful prizes,
and gloat with his or her gargantuan glory.

All you have to do you see...   is to

707  933-4404
leave a message

The decisions of the judges are not final.
You can appeal their decision by having everyone over to your house
for the most culturally correct grudge-match ever conceived.
However, (just like Santa Claus)
the awarding of the trophy only comes once a year,
that's final, and that's on Cinco de Mayo,
May 3rd, Saturday, 2014.

As Robin Rowe said -                                          
                            What is there not to like?

Our 2008 Winners, Walt and Krassimira                               

                                                 Walt won the Ultimate Iron-Chef again !           
Yet another thinly veiled excuse to have fun!
The re-enactment of the Cinco de Mayo battle between
8,000 Frenchmen and 4,000 Mexicans, done up ala cuisine.
Be there for this re-invention of war.
Be part of history as we make violent conflict obsolete.
Rather, we stuff our stomachs instead of our plunder bags.
And there's nothing to get the hang of.
Enjoy history as it should have been.
2007 Winners

(French Iron-Chef)


(Mexican Iron-Chef &
Ultimate Iron-Chef)

These folks have just made everyone
that was in attendance winners by
cooking us such delicious food.

    Andy Zaharoff
   the French Iron-Chef

        Russ Ries
  the Mexican Iron-Chef

And the 2009 Ultimate Iron-Chef is...

Russ Ries !
                   La Jolla rules

Plus!  Russ is our loyal and best photographer.
Every year the competition gets more intense, the crowd goes nuttier,
and the judges are harder pressed to call the winner.

The 2009 Winners !
As you can see this is quite the
victory because the judges do
such a thorough job as evidenced
by their notes.  In this case Mr.
Pat Moran, the esteemed
curator of the correspondence of
M.F.K Fisher.
Judging by the happy faces,
it appears we have successfully reinvented war.

So our dear Members of the Ahh Club

Clear your calendar, taste the treats,
and be at Kitchen Stadium

Saturday, May 3rd 2014

High Noon

707 933-4404 RSVP
Mary Guerrazzi's delicious dish
We have Winners for
2010 !

The Winning French Chef

                                                The returning French Iron-Chef from 2008
K r a s s i m i r a  K.  R e c t o r
Krassi fixed a fabulous and winning
crepe by starting with sauteing leeks
and making an omelet with smoked
salmon from the Farmer's Market,
dots of goat cheese, and fresh thyme.  
Deeeelish and
The Iron-Chefs of 2010  Krassi Rector and Gilberto Carmona the Ultimate
and the
G i l b e r t o   C a r m o n a

Presenting the


It's hard to beat authenticity, and
nobody could.  Gilberto's beautiful
burrito had a secret ingredient...  salmon
that was marinated overnight in orange
juice and oregano.  But not just any
oregano, it has to be Mexican oregano.

To your left is Mr. Carmona accepting
the Victory Necklace to become the
Mexican Iron-Chef and raising a glass of
OH Sparkling Syrah to celebrate his

Now at this point, many wonderful chefs
had created many wonderful crepes and
burritos, and the weather was just
getting too nice outdoors, Horseshoe
Golf was calling.  So instead of the two
Iron-Chefs going head-to-head, we
decided to speed up the process and had
everyone remember Krassi's memorable
crepe and we applied the Clap-O-Meter
to decide who would be the Ultimate
Iron-Chef.  And the winner was...
The mission was accomplished!  We have set a role model for all
armed conflict in the future.  The battle of Puebla Mexico should
have been this much fun.  We did end up with a victor (or in our case
a Gilbert) and our stomach were full.  We could all say Ooh and Ahh!
So if you were here in 2011, you knew who won,
Krassi, Andy, and Gilberto did really well !
And the Tequila Girls behaved themselves, kinda.

Because Russ and Marty were not on photographic
duty for 2011, we are a little light on the
documentation of history, but..
Welcome to 2012 !
Can I get a witness ?






what ?
Given that every single dish cooked was absolutely delicious,
now comes the painful process of producing a winner.
Don't be surprised that the current
reigning ultimate champion won the
Mexican Iron-Chef award.
Once again...
G i l b e r t o   C a r m o n a !
Just some of the gorgeous and way tasty
dishes presented and joyfully enjoyed.
*** Now all you people that are
thinking about coming for the
first time, take notice that the
winner of the French Iron-Chef
was, a nubie !  
Here he is reaching for his          
secret ingredient.
               And more secret ingredient yet

       Yeah!  That's the secret!
Cordon Bleu.

French Iron-Chef title to -  Chris Creasy !
And now the stand-off and moment of truth...

                                                                  Bruce gives the instruction    
                                                                   instructions for the
                                                                  ultimate iron-chef
                                                                  The opponents take stock
                                                                  of each other....
The Clap-O-Meter sounds...

Bruce confers with the
Willie Bird Turkey girls
to verify the results, and

The Winner
and Ultimate
Iron-Chef is - - -

C h r i s
C r e a s y

    For the first time,
history has not repeated itself,
the French have WON!
Onward with our august tradition!                              
We Have Our 2013


French Iron-Chef

Marty Ries

Mexican Iron Chef

a tie
Gilberto Carmona - Lilia Olvera

( Photos to be rounded up)

The Ultimate Grand Chef

Gilberto Carmona
The Pitch !

        A Grand Slam
               for the
The wind-up, and...