T h e   N e w   L e t t e r   i s . . .


C is for Candle Dipping.

Our last Candle Dipping was in 2010, and it seems we are doing this every other year
due to the prodigious production.  So stay in touch for 2012.

Wine Club Members, Save the Date!
The Second weekend in November:

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - November 14th, 15th & 16th, 2008.

We will be dipping candles in Glen Ellen.
These are beautiful tapers that burn without excessive dripping,
and not surprisingly, they fit perfectly into a bottle of A
HH as a holder.

If you are looking for accouterments for romantic dinners,
be there, and please...

707  933-4404

So we can plan for food and fun after the dipping is over.
The bad news department:
Because there is danger involved anytime your are working with melted anything,
and because this is a materials-driven-attention-demanding activity...
we will be in a state of sobriety while dipping.
That's the disclaimer.
Now the earlier you come, the earlier we can dine.
So I think you get the picture... it's a lot of fun,
you take home a beautiful big bunch of candles,
and we have a blast cooking great meals.

What is there not to like?