T h e   N e w   L e t t e r   i s . . .


Which stands for the Pick of 2006.

So far, so good: Quite good, and it seems... there's no reason it can't be Excellent.

For the Harvest of 2006, we are at that exhilarating moment when speculation
is turning directly into self-actualization for these lovingly picked grapes.

For two days our jolly crew harvested the Saddle East Block
of the Brickhill Vineyard, Sonoma Coast.
The time was right on the last day in September and the first day in October,
and we picked enough that three barrels should be our prize.

Wine Club Patrons got to see and do, first hand, with their own hands,
how the wine is grown and made in the vineyard.
Under our guidance, but ultimately using their own sense of propriety,
they carefully selected through the four rows of grapes we chose.
Because this was such a long growing season, particularly as compared to the last two,
the clusters were on the vine long enough that a bit of noble rot appeared along with
the other conditions that make picking a selection process.  Luckily the selection was
not difficult and no more than 3 to 5 percent of the crop returned directly to the earth.

When I stop and think about it, it must be hilarious to others that it took us two days
to pick three barrels worth of wine.  But that's the way we do it.
Or to put it another way...  as we were thinking
with grape picking shears in hand:

E v e r y    c l i p   i s   a n o t h e r   s i p !

Hey!  It's a glorious job and somebody's gotta do it.
Join the jolly crew.  We'll leave the wine glass out for ya!

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