How We
Came to the Trademark
How We Came to Name the Winery

There is no sound-bite for this one.  Just like the wines...
there is a complexity, length, and a certain-mystical-uncertainty to the story.
First it was called 'Ooh and Ahh Winery', people loved the name,
but had a hard time spelling it to find us.
Then, for a short time, it became 'Bruce H. Rector Winery',
but that had this egotistical underpinning to it, so...

The winery is now named
- A
HH Winery -
which is straight forward, it is the same name as the trademark.

Now how did we pick that trademark?  Ah, that's a little more interesting.
The story starts with one simple utterance:
When Krassimira and Bruce drink really good Pinot Noir, we say,

Utterances are always followed by theory,
and there is so much
marketing theory in the world of wine, that it just won't let up.
Therefore, let's have a look at marketing.
As mentioned, when we are drinking really good Pinot Noir, "Ahh" is said.
Even though it has a non standard spelling (in order to make it sound right),
our experience shows that the name of the trademark is quite memorable.
So the first
requirement of marketing theory is fulfilled,
                                           which is:                                                 
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If a person can't remember the name of a wine,
how are they ever going to be able to re-purchase?
And the fact-of-the-matter is,
if you own a winery and nobody re-purchases, you quite quickly become a closet artist.

Now the
uncertainty and certain mysticism of the story.
Bruce is fascinated by the sacred and why we don't have more sacred things in everyday living.
So he got hooked by the fact that the syllable 'ahh', is incorporated into most sacred words.
Add to that....
Quite often Krassimira and Bruce are quite playful.
HH has a playful side to it.
This sets up a
marketing perturbation, but that's OK, we'll live with it.
( Paradox drives even Heaven. )

But, you know, in the final analysis:
We think the name remind us to have more fun.
Relax, and have even more fun.
The story could be as
simple as

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