T h e    T h i r d    I n s t a l l m e n t
of   the
T h e o r y    of    C u i s i n e

Now, here's the deal.
When Krassi and I entertain by virtue of giving a small dinner party,
people often say, "You should start a restaurant."
When the guests look over at us, and we are paled white, or pinked and irritated,
they realize that they are going to hear our standard lecture on:
Do you know how much work a restaurant is...
and how about the bankruptcy rate?
And after we calm down, not that we really got all that worked up,
we say, "Yeah, someday we will write a cookbook."

So, here's the deal....
We never cook with recipes.
We never make the same dish twice.
We take anything left in the refrigerator,
and wrap it into the next meal so our
refrigerator always has room and
is fresh and ready to go.

So what do we know about cookbooks?

Well, we are learning rapidly !

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