T h e    S e c o n d    I n s t a l l m e n t
of   the
T h e o r y    of    C u i s i n e

In some way, in some form, we all need to be happy with our bodies.
And it's each to their own.
So the way that Krassimira and I have answered this question may be
totally irrelevant to your circumstance and senses.
We have been pretty happy with a no-fat/no-flesh way of eating.
Now, if we eat this way all the time,
we loose too much weight, or we loose too many opportunities to eat great food.
So we are omnivores.
the world is replete with fat
& flesh recipes.
So given that I don't want to plow what's been plowed,
given that a vegetarian way of wine-cookery is pretty much ignored,
we have decided to present our form of our way of eating,
or should I say, our way of dining.
The main point is this:
We eat large volumes of food,
never deprive ourselves,
and have fun doing it !

That's our over-ridding theory of cuisine.

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